Los de El Mundo se aburren

Al loro con la encuesta que tienen hoy en elmundo.es:

Los resultados mejor los veis por vosotros mismos, que yo voy a dejar agua a los camellos.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

Que fuerrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6/1/07 14:24  
Anonymous Michail Glukhov said...

Hi, my name is Michail Glukhov. I represent open-source library GLScene (www.glscene.org).

Not sure if you are the correct persont to adress with this request, but I'll give a try.

I've found your comment in blog gatetoavalon.blogspot.com. Don't you know, how I can contact it's author - Lord Trancos aka Abel Nightroad?

We want to get his permission to use some code from his open-source project "Pulsar LMTools", but provided email addresses no longer exist.

If you know any way to contact Lord Trancos, or person who may know, please contact me:
email: grim1982 (at) gmail (dot)com
icq: 278259503
msn: grim1982 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Thanks in advance

7/1/07 16:27  
Blogger Alxemi said...

Hi Michael,

Yes, i wrote a comment in gatetoavalon.blogspot.com some time ago but i don´t know it´s author in any way. I´ve seen that you already tried to get in touch with him posting in his blog and sending emails, and that should work, but maybe you didn´t get an answer yet because we are now in christmas time in Spain and it´s almost like hollidays-time.

Try a little more to contact him, but if you don´t, i think you should use the code. If the author works with an open source (gpl-like i guess) license is because he want his code to be used. You are doing your homework and being polite trying to contact him, but if you cannot, don´t let your development stops because of it (that, of course, is only my opinion and only in the case that Lord Trancos uses a gpl-like license)

Reading his blog more carefully i can see that he only worte one post the last year. That makes the contact using the blog very unlikely.

Good look with your search and regards.

8/1/07 00:44  
Anonymous Michail Glukhov said...

Thanks for your reply.

I'll keep trying to find Lord Trancos, but maybe we'll follow your advice and will use code, mentioning original author (you are right, LMTools use GPL license).


8/1/07 16:13  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Los de El Mundo cada vez peor

12/1/07 03:54  
Anonymous FrikiTV said...

Bueno, habrán dejado al becario publicar los debates...También tiene derecho el pobre...XDD

12/1/07 15:39  

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