Desde Israel, con amor

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Las fotos fueron tomadas por Sebastian Scheiner, de AP el 17 de Julio en Kiryat Shmona, muy cerca de la frontera de Israel con el Libano. En muchos sitios han puesto estas fotos acompañadas por las de un niño libanes muerto en un bombardeo, pero yo os lo voy a ahorrar.

Aqui y aqui ponen en contexto estas imagenes. Dicen que son reales, pero excusan a las niñas porque al parecer acababan de salir de un bunker despues de siete dias ocultandose por bombardeos libaneses:

On the day that photo was taken, the girls had emerged from the underground bomb shelters for the first time in five days. A new army unit had just arrived in the town and was preparing to shell the area across the border. The unit attracted the attention of twelve photojournalists - Israeli and foreign. The girls and their families gathered around to check out the big attraction in the small town - foreigners. They were relieved and probably a little giddy at being outside in the fresh air for the first time in days. They were probably happy to talk to people. And they enjoyed the attention of the photographers.

Apparently one or some of the parents wrote messages in Hebrew and English on the tank shells to Nasrallah. "To Nasrallah with love," they wrote to the man whose name was for them a devilish image on television - the man who mockingly told Israelis, via speeches that were broadcast on Al Manar and Israeli television, that Hezbollah was preparing to launch even more missiles at them. That he was happy they were suffering..[...]

And besides, none of those children had seen images of dead people - either Israeli or Lebanese. Israeli television doesn't broadcast them, nor do the newspapers print them. Even when there were suicide bombings in Israel several times a week for months, none of the Israeli media published gory photos of dead or wounded people. It's a red line in Israel. Do not show dead, bleeding, torn up bodies because the families of the dead will suffer and children will have nightmares. And because it is just in bad taste to use suffering for propaganda purposes.

Visto en el blog de escolar, con quien por cierto tambien comparto la noticia anterior.


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